Welcome to the School of Public Service website. Thank you for your interest.  The mission of the School is to develop outstanding public sector leaders. We offer a 2-year Master in Public Administration Degree (MPA), as well as certificate and customized courses. Our programs include in-depth leadership and management courses covering both theory and practice, with a heavy emphasis on real-world applications.

We define “public service” broadly and our courses are designed for people serving with the following organizations:

►   National, State, and Local Governments
►   Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations
►   International Organizations

Our academic year begins in late August. The first semester runs through mid-December. The second semester runs from mid-January through mid-May. Applications for next year’s MPA program can be downloaded using the link found on the right-hand side of this page.

Public Service Leadership Endowment

The School of Public Service and the VAD Foundation have partnered to establish a Public Service Leadership Endowment. Once funded, the program will run for approximately 25 years and cover the annual costs of a Professor of Transformational Leadership, 40 undergraduate scholarships (Public Service Scholars) and 10 graduate scholarships (Public Service Fellows).

The Endowment is a unique opportunity for donors to create a powerful legacy in support of South Sudan’s public service and long-term development.  While addressing the on-going conflicts and humanitarian crisis, we also need to make investments in longer-term strategies to break the cycles of chronic under-development and conflict. The Endowment is such a investment. The leaders produced by this endowment will comprise a network of change agents leading reforms, addressing the country’s myriad challenges, and supporting one another during the difficult times all change agents face. Not only will the Scholars and Fellows benefit, but so too will the programs and organizations they ultimately manage – and the  tens of thousands of citizens they serve. If you are interested in supporting the endowment please contact PatriciaPowersThomson@yahoo.com.

Professional Seminar Series

SPS offers professional seminars designed to enhance the professional capabilities of South Sudan’s public servants through intensive  2-day seminars. The seminars also provide a unique opportunity for participants to strengthen their professional networks and to learn from each other’s experiences. For  more information click here: http://sps-uofjuba.org/academics/professional-seminar-series/