Welcome to the School of Public Service website. Thank you for your interest.  The mission of the School is to develop outstanding public sector leaders. We offer a 2-year Master in Public Administration Degree (MPA), as well as certificate and customized courses. Our programs include in-depth leadership and management courses covering both theory and practice, with a heavy emphasis on applied exercises.

We define “public service” broadly and our courses are designed for people serving with the following organizations:

►   National, State, and Local Governments
►   Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations
►   International Organizations

Our academic year begins in late August. The first semester runs through mid-December. The second semester runs from mid-January through mid-May. Applications for next year’s MPA program can be picked-up at the School of Public Service.  Applications are also available by clicking on the link found on the right-hand side of this page.

Professional Seminar Series

In addition to our MPA program, SPS also offers professional seminars designed to enhance the professional capabilities of South Sudan’s public servants through intensive  2-day seminars. The seminars also provide a unique opportunity for participants to strengthen their professional networks and to learn from each other’s experiences. Our seminars for Academic Year 2016-2017 include:

Change Management (Thursday, October 20 and Friday, October 21, 2016) – Good ideas are not enough when it comes to making changes in the public sector.  No matter how technically sound, well-designed, or beneficial a reform may be, it will be difficult to implement if your stakeholders aren’t on-board. Change management is a structured approach you can use to help stakeholders understand, support, and prepare for change.  During this seminar, students will learn how to “ripen” ideas; how identify, assess, and engage key stakeholders; how to craft strategies for involving and communicating with stakeholders; and how to counter resistance from “spoilers” and other reluctant stakeholders.

Business Process Reengineering (Thursday, February 23 and Friday, February 24, 2017) – Sound business processes are essential to any organization’s success.  They include the steps followed to conduct business, to make decisions, and to produce things. They are key to good service delivery.  If your organization’s business processes aren’t working – or if they are unclear, too burdensome, or take too long – processes reengineering can help.  In this seminar students will learn how to identify the key components of a business process, how to develop process maps, and how to improve processes through business process reengineering (BPR).

Ethics in the Public Sector (Thursday, April 6 and Friday, April 7, 2017) – Public servants in South Sudan are regularly confronted with ethical challenges – situations where they must decide whether or not to do the “right” thing.  In this seminar participants will discuss a series of true-life ethical challenges drawn from actual experiences. Through these case studies, participants will also develop an approach to resolving ethical challenges consistent with the high standards expected of public servants.

For information on the registration process, please contact us at SchoolofPublicService.UofJ@gmail.com.